With William & Amélie

Special Class: Yoga + Live Music

This will be a sublime opportunity to allow yourself to journey within, transported by William’s enchanting voice, which he mystically weaves into the sound of crystal bowls, shamanic drum, and other magical sounds.
All the while, you will be gently guided by Amélie into yoga postures so that new and more vibrant states of being may become accessible to your body as well as your mind, heart and spirit.
William and Amélie have the ability to work together in a profoundly intuitive way, feeling out the present moment and generating a space of deep presence—one that heals, restores and expands.
This is an event not to be missed!
All studio passes eligible for use – $20 drop in.

With William James Rochford

Mantra Workshop

Mantras are an ancient technology with the power to regulate the incessant flow of (neurotic) thoughts, and to awaken vast amounts of energy and joy.
The Tradition of Bhakti yoga is one of the most excellent and profound paths to opening the heart and transcending those little voices of doubt and division within—you know, those voices of fear, worry, doubt, depression, boredom, anger. Bhakti can open us up to surprising states of connection, meaning, and happiness. The best part is that it does so quickly and effortlessly!
In this introductory workshop on mantras, we will focus on understanding and integrating the various types of mantras that can be used in our personal practice to calm the mind, open the heart and experience a sweet sense of inner unity. We will explore several different approaches to using these mantras so that you can discover which modality will work best for you.
The workshop is structured so as to create a crescendo effect: every new notion builds upon the last so that the energy of Bhakti, or devotion, can be palpably felt.  A handout with the different mantras that will be explored.
William will have his crystal bowls, drum and guitar, so that you can explore many different flavors of mantra chanting. It is going to be so much fun!
$50 ($45 for unlimited pass holders of 1 year or 6 months)