Karma Shala Yoga

Angi Bloom


Why I Teach Yoga: I love helping others bloom fully! I have been studying and teaching yoga for close to 50 years and believe that yoga can be adapted to meet EVERYONE’S UNIQUE NEEDS. I learn from everyone and hope to share some of my knowledge, curiosity and passion for learning with others. Yoga has helped me through life’s most challenging moments and made me more resilient.  My hope is that I can help others become more resilient too.  We create strong connections through yoga and reach out to support one another both on and off the mat.  We can make life better for many through yoga.


  • 1st Teacher Training Ashtanga Yoga with Allison and Darby at Ashtanga Montreal
  • 2nd Training Level 1 Yoga with Hart Lazer and Lyne St. Roch
  • 3rd Training Advanced Yoga Training with Hart Lazer
  • Therapeutic Training – 3 or more courses with Hart Lazer
  • Prenatal Teacher Training
  • Kids Teacher Training
  • Pilates Teacher Trainind
  • Therapeutic Training with Doug Keller
  • Restorative Teacher Training with Judith Lasater
  • Restorative Teacher Training with Michael Dickson
  • Pranayama Teacher Training with Richard Rosen
  • Thai Yoga Massage and Thai Yoga prenatal Massage
  • Yoga for Seniors with Dr. Baxter Bell
  • Yoga for those with chronic health issues
  • Therapeutic Training with many masters
  • Fitness Specialist Diploma from Champlain College including special needs population, spinning, aqua fit, aging populations.

I have had the privilege of studying with many wonderful Iyengar Teachers in retreat and workshop settings. Carrie Owerko, Ramanand Patel, Father Joe, Patricia Walden as well as many Anusara Teachers. I am constantly studying and taking new training with master teachers.

My teaching varies depending on the unique needs of the students who are present but always encourages students to feel what is happening and become curious about subtle shifts and their effects.  Everyone can benefit from calming down the Nervous System as we live as though we are in an emergency situation all the time and this eventually depletes us and contributes to unnecessary illness.  We all need to down regulate by training our vagus nerve to become more resilient.  I include gentle breathing, mindfulness training, yoga massage, yoga wall, yoga ball work, strength, balance, agility, and tension release work in most classes. Yoga is so much more than just being flexible.  Too much flexibility can actually weaken us and contribute to unnecessary injuries so I train others how to find more inner balance and explore sensations rather than compare themselves to others.

My Favorite Quote is…

From Yiddish:  A bissell and a bissell makes a fuller shisel-  which means a little and a little makes a big bowl. My belief is that if everyone does just a little bit each day to make life better for others we can make a huge difference in our world.

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