Karma Shala Yoga

Célia Jimenez

Class style : I specialize in Sattva kriya yoga from the Himalayas, steaming from the yoga-vedantic tradition. Sattva, meaning whole, and yoga meaning union, it is holistic yoga. The practice of kriyas is a type of himalayan kundalini, and its purpose is to move in the direction of evolutionary action. It pushes our boundaries, drops the ego, and moves us towards unity and love. Working with repetitions of breath, movement and mantra to activate every part of the body, and to find the strength to come into our truth.

Why I teach yoga : As a desire to share these powerful teachings I had learned in India. They vibrated a whole new space within me, one that had always been there. These are radical teachings, help us connect fuller and deeper. Sattva yoga has been life changing and if I can help at least one person see their own inner light of love, that to me will help the collective consciousness get out of karmic ways and open up to love and light. I just love mantra and chanting, the wave of healing that sweeps over the body and connects you to your inner truth. I want to share the power of what it means to keep evolving, to keep pushing our ego.

Trainings :

  • Yoga teacher training, RYS 200hr, Sattva Yoga Academy, India, 2016
  • Prenatal yoga, RPYS 85hr, Sattva Yoga Academy, 2021
  • Accompagnement à la naissance (Doula),  Alternative Naissance, Montréal, 2019
  • Currently studying Herbal Medicine for Women.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Things you can’t change, accept them fully. Things you can change, change them fully. Anything else is insanity.” Anand Mehorta

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