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FREE 7 Day Yoga Challenge

Join Karma Shala Online for a FREE 7-day yoga challenge to countdown the opening of yoga studios across Quebec!

June 7th – June 13th 

Congratulations to all the yogis who embarked on the 7-day free virtual yoga challenge!

The challenge videos will stay in the Karma Shala Online video library. If you are subscribed, you will have access to these videos and can continue to incorporate these classes into your daily practice.

Each day a 20–30-minute yoga video will be released on Karma Shala Online in the “Free Yoga Challenge” category. Both French and English classes will be posted each day, with Melisande Turpin guiding the English classes, and Lydia Tremblay guiding the French classes.

Download, screen shot, or even print out our calendar to track your challenge. After you have completed the class, post a photo on social media, or in the Karma Shala Yogis Facebook group for your chance to win some amazing prizes. Bonus points if you do the classes in both French and English!

Each class will move through a sequence of postures with a body specific theme, allowing for a natural progression into more dynamic yoga postures. The final day of the challenge is a rest day, which includes a short savasana meditation. These classes will fully prepare you to get back to your favorite yoga studios once they reopen! Here are the themes for each day:

  • Day 1: Get rooted
  • Day 2: Find your flow
  • Day 3: Cultivate confidence
  • Day 4: Open your heart
  • Day 5: Create new perspectives
  • Day 6: Tune into intuition
  • Day 7: Take rest (savasana)

Let’s countdown the openings of yoga studios together and prepare ourselves for the journey back onto the mat!

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