Karma Shala Yoga

Journey to Handstand


April 10th • 1:00pm-3:00pm • with Melisande Turpin

Handstands are an enormous mountain to summit in your yoga practice. The view from the top is spectacular, but the journey you must travel to get there is truly the best and most beneficial part. Having a peak pose as a goal is excellent, but all the things you must learn, develop, and master before are much more practical than the goal itself.

To handstand, you must develop strength and mobility throughout your entire body! Preparing each joint for this movement will increase joint health, mobility, and reduce injury potential. Handstands are fun to practice but building strong joints that will increase longevity and reduce injury sounds like a much bigger reward!

Join Melisande for an ALL LEVELS handstand workshop where you will break down the posture and learn how to get strong and mobile in each of the primary joint movements.

The PATH truly is the GOAL for the journey to handstands.