Karma Shala Yoga

Nada Rouabhia


Class style: My yoga classes are suitable for every BODY, you don’t have to be concerned about not being able to touch your toes or if you can’t bend your body into seemingly impossible shapes. My classes will always reflect my personality, a pinch of humor, a sprinkle of creatively and a dash of inner reflection. I teach Hot Flow, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga.

Why I teach: I teach because I want to share my love for yoga and all of its benefits. I include breathing exercises in my classes as it has been proven to help relieve stress and anxiety. When we learn these calming techniques on our mats, it is more likely that we can use these tools off of our mats and in our own personal experiences. Yoga calms the body and mind, soothes the heart and soul, and for a superficial reason, it firms the booty…..back, arms, abdominals and legs!!!


  • YMCA Spinning Instructor.
  • 250 hrs Certified Yoga Alliance, Luna Yoga Montreal.
  • 300 hrs Certified Yoga Alliance with Erin Evans and Lydia Zamorano.

My favorite quote is: “Life begins when fear ends” – Osho

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