Karma Shala Yoga

Permanent Studio Closure

Dear Karma Shala Community,

It is with much emotion that we announce the permanent closure of our studio on June 28th, 2022.

This will come as a shock to many. We have always been open and transparent with our community and would like to explain why this is happening.

The building that holds our little shala has been sold. Our lease will not be renewed as the new owner will operate a new business in the space. We want to make it very clear that we are not being “kicked out”. The building has been for sale for many years, and we had a year-to-year lease. The new owners have fully respected our lease agreement and have been very compassionate to our situation.

We were never interested in buying the building as it needed a lot of maintenance, included an attached residence that we did not want to manage or expand into, and ultimately because the space was a challenge. We searched for new locations, long before the building was sold, but never found the right one.

The last two years have obviously had a huge impact. Having to navigate through this time took a large emotional and financial toll. It has also given us time to reflect on what is most important moving forward. It is not the only reason we have chosen to close, but it played a part.

This decision has taken months of reflection and deep consideration on the impact it will have on our community. Karma Shala’s mission was to provide a safe space to come together and benefit from the healing practice of yoga. This small shala has touched the hearts of many and we are so grateful to have had the honor to serve our community.

We are announcing this now to give our students the next 3 months to use their previously purchased passes. We will no longer sell 5 or 10 class packages, and all classes will be by drop-in only. Our merchandise will go on sale in May.

We would like to thank our team of incredible teachers and staff who have poured their hearts and souls into the studio. We could not have succeeded without you! They will continue to offer yoga in the Laurentides, and we invite you to follow them online to see their exciting next chapters.

Finally, we would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of the Karma Shala community. Let’s make the next 3 months a celebration of the incredible community we have created over the last 6 years!

From our hearts to yours,