Work with a skilled instructor one on one to personalize your yoga practice! Private yoga classes are perfect for those who are interested in deepening their own practice, who may be working with specific injuries or illness, or who are seeking a better understanding of anatomy and alignment. Discover all of the amazing benefits yoga can bring into your life, and get the most out of your time on the mat.
Organize a group yoga class at the studio or in the location of your choice. Whether you are a group of friends looking for a personalized yoga practice, a bachelorette party planning a breathtaking aerial yoga class, or a corporate group seeking a rejuvenating activity, our team can accommodate your specific needs.
Classes Offered:
  • Hot Yoga (Karma Shala Yoga Studio only)
  • Traditional Yoga (Any Location)
  • Aerial Yoga (Karma Shala Yoga Studio only)
  • Meditation Classes (Any Location)
Please inquire about pricing.