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Reducing a Variety of Strains with Eye Yoga

Technology has been a great help during COVID-19. It has kept us connected and provided entertainment. The drawback has been how much screen time and sitting have resulted. Eye and neck strain are now two real concerns.


A recent survey by the UK’s College of Optometrists found that one in five adults believe their eyesight has deteriorated in the last year, with one in three blaming screen time. Meanwhile, symptoms from eyestrain including headaches, loss of focus, dry irritated eyes and neck and shoulder pain have increased since the start of the pandemic.


When sitting at a desk or staring at a screen for a long time, the range of eye movement is limited, which restricts the information muscles receive. As a result, the limited range leads to muscular strain in the neck, shoulders and back, eventually contributing to poor balance.


“Our online subscribers, who practice eye yoga, are reporting reduced eye fatigue and improved posture, attention, and balance.” says Melisande Turpin, Karma Shala owner and yoga instructor, “What is also beneficial is the sense of calm these exercises provide along with decreased strain through the neck, back and shoulders.”


Eye yoga may seem like a wellness trend, but it’s actually as old as yoga philosophy itself. Modern scientists have only recently started to explore the positive results of eye exercises, which include better focus and a heightened sense of calm. This practice can take place on your sofa or yoga mat.


Karma Shala Online has instruction that includes various eye yoga techniques, such as, upward gazing, focusing, near and distant viewing, and palming. “We intend to expand our offering in this area as the benefits are incredibly attractive and our online subscribers are requesting more programming that addresses eye and neck strains.”