Karma Shala Yoga

Sponsorship Program

We believe that yoga has the power to heal body and mind. Research shows that yoga can decrease stress, anxiety and depression. It can also heal the physical body after trauma, injury or illness. We know that this yoga practice can transform lives, but we also understand that not everyone can afford to practice at a studio.
It is with great excitement that we offer our first ever sponsorship program! Karma Shala Yoga will sponsor one individual who is looking for healing and health by offering a 6-month unlimited pass. With this pass they will have access to all of our studio classes (20+ classes per week).
In order to apply for the sponsorship program please complete the form below, explaining why you feel you should be sponsored in our program. We also require a reference to support your application – someone who also knows how much you can benefit from the sponsorship. Your submission will remain confidential.
Every 6 months we will choose another applicant to sponsor for the program. We will keep all existing applications, so you have another chance to be selected. The next individual will be selected in April 2020. We will be accepting applications up until this point.
We look forward to hearing from you! If you know someone who could benefit from the program, please share. Our intention is to offer the healing benefits of yoga with as many people in our community as we can.