Karma Shala Yoga

Workshops & Events


August 22nd | 1:30pm-3:00pm | with Melisande Turpin

The full moon shines light into the dark night sky, illuminating shadows and places that are kept hidden. Each full moon is an opportunity to cast our light of awareness into the places we are keeping in the dark. By embracing both the light and dark aspects of ourselves, we are taking steps towards a deeper connection and understanding of our SELF and what it means to live this unique human experience.

Join Melisande for a full moon flow aimed to explore the shadow self and release any burdens, tension, and weight it holds. This class will guide you through meditation, breathwork, a mandala flow and end with journaling exercises. You will leave feeling lighter, brighter, and more aligned with who you truly are.

When we can fully acknowledge and own all of who we are we can find more peace, freedom, and harmony in our lives. Together let’s step into the light of the full moon, with open arms and open hearts.

This class is for all levels. Spots are limited – Reserve your place in advance!

$25 + tax


September 11th | 1:00pm-2:30pm | with Célia Jimenez

Join Celia as she guides you through the empowering practice of prenatal kriya yoga!

In this prenatal class, we are accessing the warrior strength that resides inside each of us to help us cultivate tools to use throughout pregnancy, the birthing process, and as a new mama. The practice of Kriya helps us to move in the direction of evolutionary action. It pushes our boundaries, drops the ego, and moves us towards unity and love. In this special prenatal kriya yoga class we will work with repetitions of breath, movement, and mantra to activate every part of the body and find the strength to come into our truth.

Spots are limited – Reserve your place in advance!

$25 + tax